Read More If you''ve got a storming vocal on tape you''re halfway towards a great production. PAUL WHITE offers some tips on perfecting this most important of recording skills.Even if all the music you make is created via MIDI, the chances are that at some time or other you''ll have to record vocals using the traditional tools of a singer and a microphone. The vocal line is invariably the focal point of a s...

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Brooke and Jerram

Auckland Covers

Brooke and Jerram are a young Duo providing background and chill music for weddings, birthdays, dinners and other events and occasions. They play their own renditions of songs across the ages with sweet vocal melodies, and guitar and ukulele pairings. They are always le...

Gravity Road

Auckland Originals

Prog-Rock/Art Rock Post-Rock/Experimental

Gravity Road are an Auckland-based progressive rock band. Since our formation in 2016, we have sought primarily to create original music tha...

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