Read More You know that phrase your mum taught you, Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well your mum’s a naive idiot who needs to step into the real world. Covers are a great way to judge books. If you look at a book with Ann Coulter on the cover, for example, you know right up front that you’re better off jacking off with nails as lube than wasting one second reading even a single word of her deliberately ab...

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Christchurch Originals Covers

Alternative Singer/Songw Rock

Husband and wife team, Stephen & Hannah have been involved in the music industry for years. With radio hits & albums under their belts as w...


Auckland Covers

Hard Rock Grunge

NZ’s 3rd favourite hard rock grunge metal stoner high energy covers band. We play the best 90's loud as f**k anthems to melt your faces off...

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