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Read More Forget musical tastes. Ignore critical accolades. Set aside arguments about the merits of the music they created.These seven bands, and one individual, sparked major changes not just in music but in the business of music.Use their examples as inspiration to spark major changes in your market or industry. Someone has to be first, why not you?Led ZeppelinPrior to Zeppelin, concert promoters typicall...

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Stoner Metal Doom Metal

BongnosiS is a 3 piece Stoner/ Doom band from Invercargill They sing about their love of mother Earth, Loved ones and magical adventures M...

This Little Badge

New Plymouth Originals

Post-Punk Indie Rock

Ex-Horrible Head and Yellowjack guitar neck strangler, Dave Pope, moves to New Zealand, finds Dave Ritchie Smith, Hamish Cameron and Adam Co...

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